Course Curriculum

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    About This Course

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    • NGSS: Next Generation Science Standards

    • Video: Introducing an Expert on Polar Migration

    • Knowledge Check: Who is Andy?

    • Video: The BIG Picture

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: What? Why? Who?

    • Activity: Photo Hunt!

    • Assignment: Migration Madness

  • 4

    Whales of the Polar Regions

    • NGSS: Next Generation Science Standards

    • Video: Two Types of Whales - Part 1

    • Knowledge Check: Feeding

    • Video: Two Types of Whales - Part 2

    • Knowledge Check: Toothed vs Baleen Whales

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • VIDEO: Whale Migration

    • Knowledge Check: Why Do Whales Migrate?

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: Whales and Science!

    • Activity: Calling All Curious Minds!

  • 5

    Polar Bears: King of the Arctic

    • NGSS: Next Generation Science Standards

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: The King of the Arctic

    • Knowledge Check: Polar Bears 101

    • Video: Hunting

    • Knowledge Check: Polar Bear Grub

    • Polar Bears : Growing Up in the Wild Arctic

    • Activity: Tiny Polar Bear Cubs

  • 6

    Penguins of the Antarctic

    • NGSS: Next Generation Science Standards

    • Video: A Season in Antarctica

    • Activity: Criminal Penguins

    • Video: Distribution and Evolution

    • Knowledge Check: Ancient Penguins

    • Video: Adaptations

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Knowledge Check: Predators and Prey

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: Penguin Health = Ocean Health

    • Activity: Problem & Solution

    • Activity: MPAs

    • (Optional) TED Talk: Pay Attention to Penguins with Dr. Boersma

    • (Optional) Bird Rescue - Success Stories!

  • 7

    Seals: The World of Pinnipeds

    • NGSS: Next Generation Science Standards

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: Types & Global Distribution

    • Knowledge Check: Ocean Connections

    • Video: Antarctic Pinnipeds

    • Knowledge Check: Vocalizations

    • Video: Arctic Pinnipeds

    • Knowledge Check: Behavior

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: Pinnipeds & Our Changing Climate

    • Activity: Pinnipeds - Polar Poster Child

  • 8

    Polar Food Webs

    • NGSS : Next Generation Science Standards

    • Video: Who's Eating Who?

    • Knowledge Check: Food Webs vs. Food Chains

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: Photosynthesis

    • Knowledge Check: Photosynthesis

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: Antarctic vs. Arctic Food Webs

    • Activity: Land and Sea

    • (Optional) Activity: Oceans and Me(me)

  • 9

    Polar Adaptations

    • NGSS: Next Generation Science Standards

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: Fasting, Migration & Hibernation

    • Knowledge Check: Polar Patterns

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: Blubber & Fur

    • Lab: Blubber Glove

    • Video: Blood

    • Activity: Seals and Cycles

  • 10

    Glaciers & Sea Ice

    • NGSS: Next Generation Science Standards

    • Video: Polar Glaciers & Polar Sea Ice

    • Activity: Compare and Contrast

    • Video: Glaciers vs Sea Ice...What's the Difference?

    • Lab: Mini Glaciers

    • Knowledge Check: Glaciers vs. Sea Ice

    • Video: The Importance of Glaciers & Sea Ice

    • Activity: Adapting to Sea Level Rise

    • (Optional) Extra Resources

  • 11

    Polar Conservation

    • NGSS: Next Generation Science Standards

    • Video: Past

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: Present

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: Future

    • Knowledge Check: Science and the Poles

    • Activity: Reflection

  • 12

    Climate Change: Past, Present & Future

    • NGSS: Next Generation Science Standards

    • Video: What Is Climate Change?

    • Brainstorm with Andy!

    • Video: Climate Change & The Poles

    • Knowledge Check: Climate Change

    • Video: Climate Action

    • Activity: Climate Solutions and YOU

  • 13

    Final Project

    • Final Assignment: I Can Make a Difference

    • From Andy: Bon Voyage!

    • For Students: Post-Course Survey

    • For Parents/Educators: Post-Course Survey

    • Video: Amazing People Who Contributed to This Course


Senior Instructor

Amanda Dalsgaard

California-raised marine biologist and polar expedition guide, Amanda has traveled from pole to pole and every ocean in between. She spends her time exploring nature and sharing with others the magic and beauty that our natural world holds.

Senior Instructor

Gaby Pilson

Gaby is a mountaineering guide and professional outdoor educator with a love of the polar regions. When not hanging out with penguins and glaciers, she loves double shots of espresso and reading philosophy.

Senior Instructor

Phil Hunter

Phil Hunter is a polar expedition guide and ocean educator who has lived his life by and on the sea. His passions include photography, travel, sea kayaking, and sharing his passion for the polar regions with others.